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Da molti anni metin2.mobi offre i servizi di virtuale valute e power leveling. metin2.mobi ha impianti di produzione propria e ben istruiti lavoratori con esperienza per garantire la sicurezza e la professionalità possibile.
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Metin2 Yang immediately! Light the fuse and get your Yang now!

What is the principle of our Yang-Cracker offer?

Our Yang-Cracker offer is limited and undergoing a timer, the longer you wait, the cheaper it might be, but the more risk you take another buyer may get the offer. So you better light the fuse as soon as possible! As long you are within the order process, your Yang-Cracker will be reserved.

How does the order- and payment process work?
Just choose a Yang-Cracker, click at "Light the fuse!" and a new entry field will open, where you can enter your email address. Please pay attention to enter your correct email address, you will receive your order receipt through this email. After entering your email and clicking on "Buy Now!" you will be directed to the payment options. Here you can choose between eBank2Pay and Paysafecard*.
Depending on your choice another window will open, where you can pay.Just follow the instructions of the service supplier.

*with Paysafecard you can use up to 10 codes for paying one article. The remaining amount will stay on the last voucher and can be used for further buys.

Accepted Payment methods

We accept solely eBank2Pay and Paysafecard as payment methods to ensure a safe & fast delivery!

What is eBank2Pay?
eBank2Pay (direct online account transfer) is a cheap and especially fast payment method for those users who have the possibility to pay via online banking (not available for non-europe customers). eBank2Pay is a service offered by Micropayment and is proofed by the German TÜV (3 x TÜV Awards /TÜV secured safety).


How does Paysafecard work?

With Paysafecard you can pay with one or more prepaid-vouchers. Just buy paysafe vouchers with your desired balance and use the code for payingt on our site. Paysafecards are available here: http://www.paysafecard.com/uk/


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